Ajab Gazabb Love

Which is the one song that was MADE FOR Vashu and Jackkky Bhagnani????

Guess, guess…



Bolo, bolo…tell, tell 😉




OK, never mind. These two don’t deserve that much time and effort anyway 😉 BTW, here’s that song.

So anyway, I was watching the promos of Ajab Gazabb Love and was thinking that the title of the movie describes Vashu’s love for his son to the T. He truly is THE BEST DADDY EVER!

There’s not the tiniest pebble that he’s left unturned to ensure that his son breaks into the big league. The swankiest wheels, the drool-worthiest eye candy, the most opulent of sets, the chicest costumes, the glossiest production values, the most expensive promotional campaigns, all the bells and whistles imaginable!

Wowww! Jackkyyy was born with a golden spoon in his mouth- not just any ordinary golden spoon, though! In keeping with tradition, Papa Vashu must have gotten it encrusted with diamonds and God knows what else! 😉

Anyway, Jackky’s REAAALLLLYYYY lucky to have Vashu as his father and even luckier to have a producer dad. On second thoughts, this didn’t sound quite right, did it? 😉

Who in his right mind would blow up his hard-earned money on an actor who can emote slightly better than the couch in your living room? Which sane person would make movies knowing at the back of his mind that they’re destined to go BOOM BOOM BOOM? ;)No one else, I think, except Aditya Chopra! 😉 More on this bade bhayya’s pyaar later 😉

Just one thing that I have to say to Junior Bhagnani. “Jackky Bete, naam mein ‘k’s’ add karne se kaam nahi banta. Sabse bada K- ‘Kismat’, jab saath deti hai, tohi baat banti hai!” Waah, waah! Waah, waah! 😉

Aiming for the Big ‘O’

I watched Barfi for the second time last night since I was feeling quite left out in my opinion of it. The buzz is that it’s the best movie to have happened to the Indian film industry, and even LA land has caught a whiff of the frenzied whispers- hence the Academy Award nomination.

Like everyone else, I liked Barfi. It’s a good film. Sooooo much better than the painfully stupid flicks B-Town’s been inflicting on us for the past few months. Backed by solid performances, especially that of Priyanka’s, this film is almost perfect. Note that I’ve written ALMOST.

The plot borrows heavily from so many classics we’ve come to adore and characters whose nuances are their trademark. Can Barfi pass off as an Indian adaptation? Not for me! With such blatant plagiarism, I would think twice before letting it transcend boundaries. Imagine the lawsuits flying in Mr. Basu’s face once the jury has seen everything they’ve seen and heard before! Oscar team Barfi ko TOSS KARnewala hai 😉

This brilliantly-compiled comparison by Sputnik should rile you up, in case you still feel like you’re blessed that Barfi’s released during your lifetime. 😉

The Golden Lady ain’t coming home with this one! O(hhh)!!! Yessir, that’s the only ‘O’ Barfi’s gonna get! 😉


Either Mr. Bhandarkar’s on drugs or he thinks we are! Why else would he presume we’d be high on Heroin(e) and have the audacity to craft such a dud of a movie???? This man has been serving us the same old stale wine in a new bottle for the last 10 years and we heap National Awards on him??!!!!.

I know I’m speaking for a lot of people when I say I’m not feeling tempted to lap up his nasheeli cocktail this time. The canvas always gets bigger and glossier with each film but never better. And what’s been done in the past is always repeated, but never perfected.

Here’s a checklist of what to expect from a typical Bhandarkar movie-

  1.  More psychotic outbursts.
  2. More melodrama.
  3. More OTT performances.
  4. More cheesy dialogues.
  5. More substance abuse.
  6. More skin show, titillation, sex, item numbers and raunchiness.
  7. More stereotyped caricatures.
  8. More manipulation and bitchiness.
  9. More preaching about the flop side of fame and more gyaan spewed on the shallowness of the industry he dissects. (Why then are you so content being a member of this two-faced B-town family, Mr. Bhandarkar? We’d rather watch you become a sanyaasi post your disillusionment with the soulless film industry!)


10. More headaches after you’ve braved watching the painful saga in one go!

The only thing that makes Heroine different from its highly superior predecessor, Fashion, was the inclusion of a steamy lesbian scene. I told ya! Mr. ‘Blunderkar’, oops Bhandarkar, expanded the canvas to appease to the lesbian community too. Right up to Fashion and Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji, which I’m quite sure nobody remembers, the spotlight was only on gays. Not fair na in an equal world.

Left with a real bitter taste in my mouth. Nothing Madhur about this one!

P.S. Mr. Bhandarkar, I’m warning you not to toy with the idea of exposing the world of prostitutes, escorts, playboys etc in your next film.

Please open that ‘bhandargarh’ of ideas and give us something new to chew on. No more halkat kahaanis pleeeeeeeeej!

See-Taara Zameen Par!

I know, I know. It’s beginning to look like a Ranbir Kapoor –dominated blog! But main kya karoon main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kyaaaa karoon? 😉

He’s the flavour of every season and with good reason. Here’s why.

Okay, so getting to the point, it’s been raining awards on RK. He’s swept literally every Best Actor award there was in 2011 and with a stellar performance this year in Barfi, he had better start revising all those ‘Thank you’ speeches and adding a few more shelves to his trophy cupboard.

I watched him on the sets of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa last night and on some Comedy Circus kinda program a few days ago. And looking at his body language on both shows, I thought there’s one award that needs to be given to him PRONTO! The Humble Superstar Award!

He’s one SUPERDUPER STAR with none of the starry airs we’ve come to associate with his types. Look at how snooty Priyanka Chopra came across on JDJ and you’ll know what I mean. I felt like chopping that little piggy to pieces! 😉

Anyway, watch him listen intently to the judges comment on every performance. He’s way superior in the dancing department than every contestant on JDJ, yet it seemed that he was absorbing every word spoken as if it was valuable feedback meant for his own improvement.

The gracious gentleman that he is, he spontaneously approached Isha with a rose as she was feeling so low due to her injury and also danced an elegant waltz with her to boost her morale. I found him a couple of notches wittier than the  pompous host Manish and it was so cute to see him jump eagerly into the fray, just to be a part of Bharti’s crazy antics.

Being a Kapoor hasn’t affected his modesty. Being proclaimed the ‘country’s finest actor’ by an acclaimed actress like Madhuri made him cringe uncomfortably and  flash us that warm, heart-melting smile. I appreciated the fact that like other stars, he didn’t stoop down to make the episode just another promotional event and barrage us viewers with requests to go catch his movie. Instead, he elevated its entertainment quotient to an altogether new high.

Hats off to such a grounded personality. Mr. Aamir Khan, you listening? Now you know whom to cast in the sequel of TZP 🙂


Indeed, Ranbir’s the bravest of them all!

It certainly wasn’t a case of love at first sight. Not even when he dropped his towel on me! …In the theatre, silly! 😉 Then came Bachna Ae Haseeno. Although everybody who comprised the fairer sex was swooning over his chocolate-boy looks, I felt quite safe from his charms. 🙂

Then came a gem of a movie. Sadly, it whizzed out of the theatres faster than a rocket! I’ve always felt this was a movie made well ahead of its time and all greats like this one have never quite earned the respect due to them in their era. So, well! But this was the turning point. Here is when I felt the youngest of the Kapoor lads was something and wouldn’t bring shame to such an illustrious family name.

I didn’t care much for Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahaani– too slapstick for me! And I skipped Rajneeti. I still don’t know why! (scratching head)

I must say I took an instant liking to the bleary-eyed, good-for-nothing Sid- who finally woke up to a middle-class life fraught with challenges and struggles, a life loaded with meaning where you can’t afford to take anything for granted.

And call me crazy, but I felt he had potential when I saw his first item number, ‘Tai Tai Fish’! Those tapori moves and killer expressions were, as Madhuri Dixit would say, PURRRFECT! 🙂

Then came Rockstar and he metamorphosed into the Janata’s Janardhan, the darling of the masses! OMG, this guy was seriously rocking it at the BO with each release! I read somewhere that his name means brave warrior. The adjective holds true for all his risky career choices too na? At least Aamir Khan thinks so. Here’s what he had to say about Ranbir.

And now, with Barfi, I’m beginning to think this guy competes with no one but himself and that’s how he ups the ante with each film. I won’t say anything about his performance, in keeping with the ‘tone’ of the movie. But go watch him sweeten your soul with a name just as sweet!

P.S. No, I still maintain my stance. He’s not supremely good-looking, just a regular-looking guy IMHO. But, I’d grab him in a jiffy for the pure talent he’s brimming with. I feel honoured to be around at a time when he’s in the movies. Each generation produces a few immortal gems that shine forever. Ranbir, Aamir,  and Vidya undoubtedly qualify for this honor from the film fraternity. More on this later.


Image Courtesy: Dabboo Ratnani