See-Taara Zameen Par!

I know, I know. It’s beginning to look like a Ranbir Kapoor –dominated blog! But main kya karoon main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kya karoon, main kyaaaa karoon? 😉

He’s the flavour of every season and with good reason. Here’s why.

Okay, so getting to the point, it’s been raining awards on RK. He’s swept literally every Best Actor award there was in 2011 and with a stellar performance this year in Barfi, he had better start revising all those ‘Thank you’ speeches and adding a few more shelves to his trophy cupboard.

I watched him on the sets of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa last night and on some Comedy Circus kinda program a few days ago. And looking at his body language on both shows, I thought there’s one award that needs to be given to him PRONTO! The Humble Superstar Award!

He’s one SUPERDUPER STAR with none of the starry airs we’ve come to associate with his types. Look at how snooty Priyanka Chopra came across on JDJ and you’ll know what I mean. I felt like chopping that little piggy to pieces! 😉

Anyway, watch him listen intently to the judges comment on every performance. He’s way superior in the dancing department than every contestant on JDJ, yet it seemed that he was absorbing every word spoken as if it was valuable feedback meant for his own improvement.

The gracious gentleman that he is, he spontaneously approached Isha with a rose as she was feeling so low due to her injury and also danced an elegant waltz with her to boost her morale. I found him a couple of notches wittier than the  pompous host Manish and it was so cute to see him jump eagerly into the fray, just to be a part of Bharti’s crazy antics.

Being a Kapoor hasn’t affected his modesty. Being proclaimed the ‘country’s finest actor’ by an acclaimed actress like Madhuri made him cringe uncomfortably and  flash us that warm, heart-melting smile. I appreciated the fact that like other stars, he didn’t stoop down to make the episode just another promotional event and barrage us viewers with requests to go catch his movie. Instead, he elevated its entertainment quotient to an altogether new high.

Hats off to such a grounded personality. Mr. Aamir Khan, you listening? Now you know whom to cast in the sequel of TZP 🙂


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