Either Mr. Bhandarkar’s on drugs or he thinks we are! Why else would he presume we’d be high on Heroin(e) and have the audacity to craft such a dud of a movie???? This man has been serving us the same old stale wine in a new bottle for the last 10 years and we heap National Awards on him??!!!!.

I know I’m speaking for a lot of people when I say I’m not feeling tempted to lap up his nasheeli cocktail this time. The canvas always gets bigger and glossier with each film but never better. And what’s been done in the past is always repeated, but never perfected.

Here’s a checklist of what to expect from a typical Bhandarkar movie-

  1.  More psychotic outbursts.
  2. More melodrama.
  3. More OTT performances.
  4. More cheesy dialogues.
  5. More substance abuse.
  6. More skin show, titillation, sex, item numbers and raunchiness.
  7. More stereotyped caricatures.
  8. More manipulation and bitchiness.
  9. More preaching about the flop side of fame and more gyaan spewed on the shallowness of the industry he dissects. (Why then are you so content being a member of this two-faced B-town family, Mr. Bhandarkar? We’d rather watch you become a sanyaasi post your disillusionment with the soulless film industry!)


10. More headaches after you’ve braved watching the painful saga in one go!

The only thing that makes Heroine different from its highly superior predecessor, Fashion, was the inclusion of a steamy lesbian scene. I told ya! Mr. ‘Blunderkar’, oops Bhandarkar, expanded the canvas to appease to the lesbian community too. Right up to Fashion and Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji, which I’m quite sure nobody remembers, the spotlight was only on gays. Not fair na in an equal world.

Left with a real bitter taste in my mouth. Nothing Madhur about this one!

P.S. Mr. Bhandarkar, I’m warning you not to toy with the idea of exposing the world of prostitutes, escorts, playboys etc in your next film.

Please open that ‘bhandargarh’ of ideas and give us something new to chew on. No more halkat kahaanis pleeeeeeeeej!

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