This Diwali, let’s play GOLIS!

I have half a mind to shoot PC in the head. Or better still, CHOP that little PIGGY to pieces! 😀 Cuz this Diwali, I certainly can’t afford to play Holi…I can only barely manage to stutter, “Holy Shit!!!”

Being a huge fan of hers, hubby got me a Lumia 800 to illuminate my Diwali. So blinded were we by the sheer beauty of this baby (the phone, not PC), we didn’t really bother to delve on why Nokia’s slid to where it has today.

In two words, HUGE MISTAKE!

Known for its robust hardware, I thought my Nokia was invincible. They’ve come up with a weird design of concealing the charger/ USB slot under a really flimsy trap door, that can break at the slightest provocation. Horror of horrors, that’s exactly what happened to my sultry pink phone! Just when I berated her for losing her virginity (symbolism provided by my husband 🙂 ), she hit back with a vengeance. The charger wouldn’t fire her up again!

Relieved that I was still protected by the one-year warranty offered on the phone, I confidently strutted into the Nokia Care Centre and demanded that I be offered a new charger in exchange for the defective one and that the ‘booby trap door’ be replaced with a new one.

I wondered why the ‘CARE’ executive had that silly grin erupting at the corners of her mouth. Here are the unused Diwali bombs that she chose to drop on me:

  1. Please photocopy the original bill of purchase 3 times!” When asked if we could use the idle machine humming a leisurely tune in a forgotten corner of her office and that we would be glad to pay for the copies, she mumbled something about there being a paper shortage in the office! Anyway, tried to shrug off her callous attitude and did the needful a good three blocks away. Returned grumpy and sweaty, and then, the next bomb was hurled.
  2. Kindly provide me with the charger,” she said politely to mollify me. I obliged, and then,…no, I kid you not…she said “Please come back in two weeks to collect the replacement.” I was like, “What????!!!” “Are you like out of your mind? Does my phone remain ‘unilluminated’ (if there is such a word) for two weeks just because someone has to ride on a bullock cart to deliver the new accessory to you?” 😛 I just got a shrug.
  3. And then the killer bomb was unleashed. Taking a deep breath to stop myself from thundering further, I asked her to replace the annoying trap door on my phone. Was it my imagination or did I detect a greedy glint in her eyes? “Sure,” she exulted. “I have it in black though, which will stand out very well against your pinkie!!!! And Rs. 1200 please.” I opened my mouth to protest but not a sound came out. Taking advantage of my momentary speechlessness, she launched into the most absurd of explanations. “Madam, you have performed physical damage on your phone.” And a loud cackle followed from my husband who suddenly remembered the ‘virginity’ saga. 🙂 She continued as if there was no interruption , “And I would say, don’t touch your pinkie now. If we pull her door, she will be unprotected as the warranty stands void due to further physical damage.” (What, was my pinkie going to be raped or something???!!!

I left the ‘SCARE’ Centre but not before flashing her my pinkie, 😀 and my mind screaming “Always NO to a NOKIA!”

P.S. What were the designers thinking? That there’d be a million dollar heist if the door wasn’t fitted to the phone??!!