Da Biggest Bang

2012 has been a great year for Bollywood. And a queer one too! The final Yash Chopra-SRK- AR Rahman venture was touted to smash all BO records. Smash we did…our heads!!! The film tanked, taking a cue from Anushka’s TANK tops perhaps! 😀

Still limping its way into the coveted 100cr club (much like Tehmur) is Talaash.

Khiladi 786 has officially marked the demise of the Khiladi franchise (thank God for small blessings!)

The Tiger roared menacingly at Eid and now, he’s come back with a BANG at Christmas.

I found D1 to be insipid and D2 was just as unpalatable.

I never expect too much from SK flicks these days the way I never expected much from Govinda starrers in the last millennium. In a nation obsessed with SK, even if a home video of him farting is released on Youtube, it’s bound to garner 100 crore………clicks 😛

I knew Sonakshi’s Rajjo wouldn’t have progressed by even 0.0000000001%. I knew the shirt would eventually come off. I knew the baddies would be impotent hijdas in front of our gravity-defying desi Robinhood. I knew either the director’s wife or her sister or a hot chum would provide the required titillation in an item number.

I didn’t know I’d be glued to the screen when Fevicol Se came on 😉 (I just loved the ‘Oh No’ bit 😀 I have a gut feeling Sohail’s responsible for it 😛

I didn’t know Chulbul would mend fences with his father and brother. I didn’t know I’d walk out of the theatre with a newfound respect for that brother.

Just as an eagle swoops down for its kill, Arbaaz (true to his name) has killed his detractors with this sequel. While D2 is far from being brilliant, I’m thrilled he proved to Abhinav Kashyap in particular that nobody is indispensable. Many found the sequel an improvement over the original and that’s another feather in Arbaaz’s cap.

What pushed me to watch D2 in the theatres was to applaud the guts of this hitherto-eclipsed Khan, to celebrate his vindication, to congratulate him and his wife for supporting each other through the lean phase (lasting close to two decades!) and to thump him on the back for his resounding victory.

His movie sure has made the biggest bang this year, drowning out the hoopla surrounding doomsday and all!

BELOW: Arbaaz should have brought this out as the promotional poster for D2. It’s so much cooler!