I looooooove Snickers. Until I saw the latest ad for it on TV!

Having worked briefly in advertising, I’m stumped as to how such a pointless creative got approved.

I’m even more perplexed that Imtiaz Ali, still basking in the success of Rockstar, agreed to lend ‘direction’ to this absurd commercial.

And the mother of all shockers is that the legendary Rekha and yesteryears’ kickass queen, Urmila MAARTODKAR agreed to be a part of this silly campaign. Old unemployed hags, yes. But still!

Pitched at the youth, I’ll be surprised if anybody from the demographic group even knows their names 😆

The funda apparently is that ‘you are not you when you’re hungry’. So you might turn ‘Divalike’ or into a ‘Drama Queen’. Going by the brief, so many more relevant B-Town names could have done justice to the ad, na?

I know Snickers looks all wrinkly and stuff. Never thought they’d shove that in our face with such clever euphemisms. Sick!


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