My Love Affair With A Nut

Well, well, I’m not hinting at DH here 😛

I’m talking about my love for all things nutty 😉

The subject of Multiple Personality Disorder has always fascinated me. And if nuts were to be afflicted by the syndrome, the cocoNUT is a certified MPD case. So many avatars, so many uses, so many benefits!

Since childhood, I’ve been exposed to the mentality that ‘agar mehenga hai, to achcha hoga aur sasta hai, toh kachra hoga!’ 😀

Then, there’s the saying, “All good things come in small packages.” Little wonder then that cashewnuts, walnuts and every other microscopic nut that there is commands earth-shattering prices.

Coconut, on the other hand, being modestly priced and larger in size, has sadly missed all the adulation and fanfare. This, despite quenching our thirst on sultry days, transporting us to heaven by gracing our dishes, protecting our tresses from the elements, giving us that luminous glow before a big occasion. Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar, nahi?

So, my baby was born recently, and here I was, shopping for the best oils there are- Olive, Almond, even an oil infused with real gold particles 😯 After all, nothing but the best for my charming little prince!

The fancy elixirs and attractive vials didn’t prepare me for the horrors in store! Olive oil made my son as tanned as the Spaniards 😆 almond stripped his skin of essential moisture making him a living loofah 😥 and the gold made me develop cold feet 😦

A trip to the pediatrician beckoned. I came out of his clinic armed with a sample pack of a very ordinary plastic bottle of Parachute Naariyal Tel, in a packaging that hadn’t been revamped since perhaps I was my son’s age! His confident advice kept ringing in my ears. ‘Just apply this and then SEEEE!

I was skeptical but I wanted to SEEEEE. And I saw! That after scouring the whole world for exotic oils, the humble coconut oil standing long forgotten on a shelf in my very own kitchen would infuse healthy color and vitality into my son’s atopic skin.

The recent cold wave made my skin drier than the Thar 😮 It spurred me to splash this magical potion on my dehydrated skin before a warm shower and another stellar product, Parachute Advansed Body Milk, after. The results were stunning! So much so that my husband has begun looking like the odd man out 😆

Smooth, flawless skin! Nourished and luminous! For the uninitiated, Parachute Advansed is a rich coconut milk- based body emollient. Laden with proteins and essential AHAs, these are the building blocks of healthy skin. Cleopatra bathed in milk. I’m no less! I douse coconut milk on myself without breaking a sweat 😉

In a nutshell, this wonder of nature truly makes your skin glow and heart soar, much like a parachute 😀

I can only reiterate what Vidya Balan says, “Har achchi cheez mehengi nahi hoti!”

5 comments on “My Love Affair With A Nut

    • I don’t know why but I was under the impression that you’re from the North…Delhiite. Not for nothing are the Mallus nuts about this nut. Even the oldies (like 50-somethings) have such a lush crop of hair, jet black and all! Just for that, I’d like to be reborn a Mallu 😉

      • Got ya dint I ..Delhiite is sure the first, never been to Delhi, I hear ya its a shame..South Indian Golti by birth, and married to a mallu..some chameleon..aint I

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