This post is my FAVE!


Entering teenagehood is a bitter-sweet experience for most. Your first love, your first kiss…the list of firsts is endless! For me, it was the most magical phase when life suddenly acquired a Mills & Boons hue to it thanks to the mushy fodder I subsisted on.

As I revisit my priceless past, here’ s a sneak peek into what made me the hopeless romantic that I am:

  •  Dhoom Pichuck Dhoom- Euphoria

An earthy song with a lovely rustic feel to it, I was willing to be Palash’s slave post this one! After a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue in History class where I answered  ‘Van Sen’ instead of ‘Tansen’, the whole college married me off to him 🙂 The Gods might have not given me Palash but they gave me the next best thing- my husband- who’s a pretty decent lookalike 🙂 Sadly, that’s where the similarity ends…Anyway, listen…

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