Why am I feeling so damned nostalgic today?


They were the brightest stars in the Indipop galaxy and were poised to become the biggest and the best by the advent of the new millennium. I’m talking about the Colonial Cousins that comprised of the pony-tailed mellifluous crooner, Hariharan and the braided master composer, Lezz.

I still vividly remember the summer of ’96 when this gifted duo got me seriously hooked on to Channel [V] and MTV during my most crucial year of schooling. I’d leave whatever I was doing and come charging into the living room each time I’d hear the seductive strains of Leslie’s handiwork heralding ‘Sa Ni Dha Pa’ on the tube. Oh, this one was a treat for the ears with its signature fusion of Indo-Western elements! Check it out for yourselves to know what I’m gushing about.

Then came ‘Krishna’, another winner from this talented band. A song clearly ahead of its time, I…

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