Just when you think someone is poised for big things in life comes that downward spiral, so steep,that there’s no chance of a resurrection and ascension a la Jesus Christ. Ah! I’ve been reading the Bible, you see. And I’m in a particularly reflective frame of mind today.

There’s no dearth of troubled beings in B-Town. Some might say they’re simply reaping the fruits of their own karma..but we’ll leave that for later.

One soul in particular, whose anguish tugs at my heartstrings, is Miss Koirala. I’ve never been a fan of hers whilst she was in the movies. But the woman has run into some rather tough times of late and anyone whom life dishes out a raw deal earns my full respect, support and prayers.

After being born into royalty, striking gold like Midas in her midis 😆 at the BO, and being the recipient of coveted Critics’ awards (on more than one occasion) at prestigious award functions, you’d have thought the road ahead was a bed of roses for the Nepali beauty.

Instead, there was a long-drawn battle with alcoholism, a tumultuous, short-lived marriage, and a close brush with death (read ovarian cancer) on the cards.

BT carried a piece today about the actress being shattered no one is rallying around her in tough times like these. With the exception of Deepti Naval, Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, and Subrata Roy, nobody from the ocean of people who make up our callous industry really gives a damn if the NY papers beat us at carrying an obituary! (God Forbid)

You’d have thought an actress, of all people, would understand human nature better than us lay people. After all, they live so many characters, so many lives, so many situations in the course of their profession and I’m sure Manisha herself has played roles where people did a volte-face when the going got tough.

Expectation is the root cause of all our sufferings and problems. We expect family to bail us out. Why? Because we think that the same blood courses through their veins and that they are simply obligated to do our mind’s bidding, no questions asked.

My husband has suffered tremendous betrayal at the hands of his own ‘BLOOD’y 😆 relations so I think he’d be the right person to counsel Miss Koirala that she should be counting her blessings (that her surgery was a success, that a handful of people still care enough for her, that she’s got a second chance at life and an opportunity to reassess what and who stands where) instead of keeping tabs on who’s turning up from the Bollywood fraternity, racked with guilt after reading today’s BT!