Ghaatis @ da Party!

Awww! Baby Viaan is One!


Mr. Kundra and Mrs. Sundara 😆 must be planning the most exquisite party ever for their lucky mascot and if the ‘royals’ will deign to shop for their party supplies at Mumbai’s bustling Crawford market, they’ll know instantly whom not to invite.

You see, the latest party popper selling like hotcakes is quite a unique one! Gone are the days of showering rose petals or raining down dollar bills. The latest one has a zillion pieces of tinsel, all featuring a very angry SRK, waiting to explode down on your festivities!!! 😯

And why not? T’is about time there came about something to pay tribute to SRK who’s duly earned the title of being THE ULTIMATE GHAATI PARTY POPPER!!! 😆 😆 😆

Circa 2008– SRK and Sallu prove men can be cattier than Kat herself at her birthday bash.

Circa 2012– RA.One turns into Raavan and bashes Kunder the Bandar Sunju Baba ke ghar ke andar!

Circa 2013: Wankhede springs a rather stern ‘Thaamb Tikde’ (outside the gates) warning on SRK. 😆

Truly the ‘BAD’ shah of Bollywood, this one is! 😛

It’s my fervent MANNAT that Shilpa strikes this one name off her guest list lest she suffers the same regret that I as a mother harbour.

A first birthday is an important milestone, to be remembered for all the right reasons. But there are a few assholes stinking up the universe who deserve tight chamaats across their (butt)cheeks for taking everything and making it about themselves.

My Liu was one of the unfortunate few to suffer some rather rude guests at his first. Ghaatis from Europe’s Kamaathi(pura)! 😆

Watching the video of his first birthday party recently, he had a WTF expression on his face when he saw these ‘live’ party poppers popping the fun outta his big day. As a mother, I was pained to hear him ask me if his birthday transformed into a ‘Hurtday’ for me. I’d dived headlong into planning the most memorable party for him and a few highly inconsiderate wet blankets had to come along to put a dampener on things. Unforgettable it became, for all the wrong reasons!

Pity I wasn’t quick on the uptake….quick enough to post a ‘Thaamb Tikde’ sign of my own outside the venue. 😦

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