What goes around comes around!

Having nothing to do on yesterday’s rather lazy afternoon, I began mulling how terribly exciting it’d be to watch KBC bring colour to the lacklustre lives of my cash-starved detractors. What if they were just 1 question away from clinching 5 crows!!! 😆

Still imagining how they’d respond to that nail-biting last question if it went like this:

Q. What best describes ‘Vanessa’?

A. Uncouth
B. Lacking Scruples
C. Ill-bred and extremely un-ladylike
D. All of the above

If they chose D, I’d tip my hat and bow to them! Astute observation, that! I couldn’t agree with you guys more! 😀

But had Mr. Bachchan posed the same question to them five years ago, they’d be at sea! They probably would have forced Computerji to throw up a whole new set of options 😀
For you see, not so long ago, I used to be:

A. Fiercely loyal
B. Supportive like a rock
C. Model wife material
D. All of the above

Discerning as they are, I wonder what ulterior motive they could have had for viewing me in such a favourable light back then and trying every trick in the book to placate me 😯 Hmmm, curious!

Anyway, cut to the present and my e-tirades seem to have ruffled quite a few feathers. So much so that there has been a fair amount of arm-twisting (albeit extremely subtly) that I stop washing my dirty linen in public. Translated in e-lingo, it means stop venting on MY OWN PERSONAL BLOG! 😯

Is that really the solution to the problems you yourselves have created? 🙄

Have you stepped back and thought for a moment, my dear, dear detractors, that what you’re attempting to do is stifle the symptoms without curing the root cause? You might succeed in erasing the shameful and unfortunately, very truthful, ‘expose’ from my blog, but will you be able to wipe clean the rancour from my mind??? Therein lies your real challenge and the possibility of the sweetest victory.

I acknowledge I’m a lesser being than you are, what with you being the epitome of virtuousness, goodness, graciousness, kindness and every sweet adjective there is in the book. No, really! I mean it!!!

Since I am sorely lacking in these departments, perhaps you could have set a brilliant example and displayed ‘your excellent pedigree’, ‘your virtuous upbringing’, ‘your scrupulous demeanour’ et al. Things would never have gotten so bad in the first place!

Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say. My only crime is that I took a cue from you. I was just trying to flatter you by imitating you. I needed to fill in your very big shoes and I’ve done everything to be as much like you. Yet you’re not happy, eh? You don’t like the derogatoriness of it all, ya?

Why then did you presume you could throw EXACTLY THAT- all the derogatoriness – in my face? What made you so damn sure I’d lap it all in subdued silence? ME?!? 😯 The vilest of all creatures you’ve known so far! 😛 ME?!? 😀

Every action evokes an equally powerful reaction. Mine’s just a reaction to the sordidness that you’ve dished out to me. And be glad I haven’t done it to your face! It’s on MY blog, a place I haven’t invited you to be at in the first place, a place you voluntarily arrive at, despite being dead sure that there cannot be anything complimentary written about yourselves…. after all your appalling deeds….Weird, how some people will go to any length to crucify themselves! 🙄

Before doling out free and friendly advice on how I should clean up my act, why not do something path-breaking and mend your own ways? Ummm, you could possibly offer a heartfelt apology or show genuine contriteness for starters. Like I’ve said earlier, I’m a master imitator! The day you succeed in earning my respect, I will do your bidding. The world will know no more….

I’ll end in my usual, characteristic style…’Agar nanga nahi honeka, toh panga nahi leneka!’ 😆

BELOW: Pearls of Wisdom, so uncharacteristic of me 😉

life is an echo, what goes around comes around

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