Strangers don’t always spell Danger

From childhood, like most, I’ve been conditioned to believe strangers are up to no good and I’d be better off not having to do anything with them.
While there is sufficient wisdom backing the teachings of our elders, life (who I think is the greatest teacher of them all) has actually shattered such preconceived notions and has demonstrated time and again that sometimes you do need that rank stranger to bring about a world of good in your life.

In my experience, the PARIVAAR, easily the most overrated of social units thanks to KJo :roll:, is especially accomplished at subjecting the black sheep from among them to repeated VAARS 😀 And that triggers off deadly WARS 😆

You have to constantly act adequately obligated and overtly subservient. Family, rather selfishly, craves undivided attention and demands adulation 24/7. You can’t afford to ever lower your guard since you don’t really want to risk the possibility of an explosive expose being thrown in your face when you least expect it to. Family normally (and unfortunately) knows exactly behind which doors those skeletons of yours lurk and they don’t need to be asked twice to unleash them!

With strangers, such uneasiness never creeps into the picture as you’re exempt from carrying all your excess baggage into the frame. You receive, you thank, you return. No strings attached.

Brand-new acquaintances often make better life preservers than the age-old relations you think you can bank upon. This I can vouch for with my life since the former have no ‘goody good’ image to uphold and nothing to gain by going out of their way to do a good deed. They do so without any compulsion and it comes straight from the heart, without feeling burdened and thinking of it as an obligatory duty.

No man can live as an island nor can he journey alone. Since you obviously need the company to sail on that turbulent ship called life, better forge friendships with people outside your comfort zone. Not for nothing is variety said to be the spice of life.

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