Gadha Kapoor

So, post the success?!? of Barshitty2 :shock:, the tingu’s gotten too big for her shoes! She thinks her latest has transported her into the league of the Kats and the Bitches!!! πŸ˜† Suddenly, the music video she’d promised her pop-singer friend to star in eons ago (when she was veli) suddenly seems too lowly for her. Aaoooooch Lolllitaaaa! πŸ˜†

Asa? Asa karaycha? Ek pop star ne hi tujhe flop star banne se bachaaya, tujhe THE Aarohi Shirke banaaya, toh ab Shirke se SHITDEne lagi hai! πŸ˜›

Killjoys like Shraddha abound in this materialistic, selfish world. You see them EVERYWHERE. In your office, at school, in the gym, on the bus, in the train, and if you’re blessed like me, even in your family!!! The ones you call ‘fail-atives’. πŸ˜† The same ones who act like ‘Sajinis’ (ever so lovely) when the going gets tough for them but when the tough gets going, they transform into ‘Ghajinis’ πŸ˜† and forget the good deeds done to them.

Sabke Kandhe Pe Rote Hai Jab Aata Hai Bura Waqt
Achche Din Aa Jaane Pe Unhi Ko Bolte Hain, ‘OK, Now FAKTHE…!!!’ You know the rest, dontchya? πŸ˜‰

Coming back to Shakti’s Babydoll, ‘Indian Idol’ se ‘In Dino Idle’ banne mein der nahi lagti! πŸ˜†
There’s something known as the ‘One-Film-Wonder’ syndrome. Your predecessor succumbed to it 23 years ago. Why should you be any different? Anybody, ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY, could essay Aarohi’s role. How difficult is it to quiver your lower lip, bat your mascaraed eyelashes, give the bambi-eyed look and toss your silken mane? Inhi ke balboote pe firangi Katrina yahaan pe kab se tiki hui hai! πŸ˜†

What will carry you places is humility. That nothing and no one is too big or too small in life. And if the friend in question was gracious enough to offer you some work while you were busy twiddling your thumbs, the least you could do is to reciprocate the noble gesture and show you’re the bigger person by starring in his video for free.

Tera baap ‘Nandu Sabka Bandhu’ toh tha. Pity tu ‘Shraddhu Sabki Shatru’ kehlayegi! πŸ˜†

BELOW: Practice what you preach!


A Gift of Love for your Near and Queer Ones! πŸ˜†


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