Sooraj Hua Khatam…Chance Dhalne Laga!

The law has always had a soft spot for the fallen? stars and since the sun is the mightiest of them all in the galaxy called B’wood, me thinks SOORAJ Pancholi will be outta jail soon, without being inflicted by PANCHes & GOLIS! 😆

Even if he hasn’t abetted Jiah’s suicide, I’d arrest him in a flash. For sending the shattered girl a break-up bouquet, the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back! Who in their right mind does such a thing?!? 😯 He may as well have sent her a box of poison-laced chocolates!!!

But that you can mock such a lovely soul by shedding tears like a croc at her funeral meet was enough to put me into a shock.

These are who are called ‘Funeral Specialists‘. Extremely callous in their words and deeds or diametrically opposite with their stony silence and cold-shoulder treatment towards the victim. Regret is the very last thing on their minds, sincere apologies as probable as Tusshar Kapoor winning an Oscar! :grin:….achcha chalo, a Filmfare!!! 😆 😆 😆

But when the victim in question breaks free from the shackles of their insensitivity and departs for a better world, our specialists are the first to rummage in their cupboards for appropriate funeral attire and to pull faces longer than Pinocchio’s nose! 😀 Trust me, I know! Such characters abound in my personal life 😉

Then begin Academy-award-worthy performances. From subtle sniffling 😦 to full-blown theatrical wailing. ‘Mujhe chodke kyun chale gaye?’, ‘Mera ab kya hoga?’.

Abey oye, India’s Best Draamebaaz! Aadmi toh bandar ka advanced roop hota hai, kya bhoot ko tune ch*#t samajh rakha hai? 😆 Aadmi ko bhale hi tu ullu bana sakta hai, lekin woh bhoot ka kya? Woh toh tujhe zaroor chullu bhar paani mein doob marwaayega 😆 Brrrrrr! Chilling! antim sanSCARE for sure!!! 😉

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