Shitbutt Romeo!

So, Shortcut mein bata deti hoon 😀

There’s sex-starved A-geisha Patel :lol:, who’s still waiting for someone to pop her cherry! 😀 I thought Mr. Anal Kapoor would RACE 2 do the honors but evidently he hasn’t bitten the bait! 😆

Wearing an I-need-a-fuck-desperately-expression like a placard around her neck, the bored housewife signs up for golfing lessons hoping to zzzz off more with her instructor than she can tee 😆 They roll below a leafy tree to indulge in their badtameezee 😛

Enter TIGER WOODS! Arre nahi re, not the asli wala…He’s done with putting balls in the wrong holes! 😆 This tiger in the woods is a voyeuristic, camera-toting carnivore, who happily clicks away when the geisha and the guru ho jaate hai shuru 😉

MORAL OF THE STORY: Jungle Mein Mangal karoge toh Nanga ke saath Kangaa (L) bhi ho jaaoge!!! 😆 😆 😆

NNM systematically squeezes paisa outta his ING VAISHYA ATM 😆 😆 😆 to fund his hedonistic lifestyle. Vasai Nalasopara ka maamuli chokra suddenly starts thinking Masai Mara!!! 😆 😆 😆

Kenya mein use milti hai ek Kanya, Sherry. Expectedly with a brain not larger than a cherry! 😀 When he’s not lying to her, he’s lying on her! 😛

The build-up to the climax forces you to conjure some rather disconcerting images… who’s doing whom? Who’s suing whom?

Speaking of Sue, sabko Susu bade zor se aa rahi thi! But director Susu…oops.. 😆 Lekin clearly Susi Ganesan apne interminable, insufferable SHOTs ko CUT bolna bhool gaya.

When the end finally came, hum sab Kenya ki Masai-Mara-wali hopping dance karte hue baahar nikle taaki baahar Pee na nikle!!! 😆 😆 😆

Alas! Relief was still nowhere in sight with all 10 toilet stalls occupied endlessly. Clearly no one was in the mood for shortcuts that day! 😉

BELOW: The Susu Stopping Dance.

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