Hit Kick Roshan

Pinky Roshan must have craved for M&Bs while Hrithik writhed in her tummy. How else could the boy have been blessed with it ALL! Smoldering green eyes, perfectly chiseled features, a marvelously sculpted torso, HRH HR (Hrithik Roshan) can make EVERY man on the planet feel like he should go and live under a bridge πŸ˜†

Quite the epitome of perfection with hisΒ  enviable looks and killer talent, it got a tad boring to discover the man was acutely aware of the edge he enjoyed over others and to watch him oscillate between feigned humility and blatant cockiness *yawn*.Β Β 

An extra bit of flesh jostling for room on his right hand was the only thing that defied HR’s primness on KJo’s chat show and it certainly livened things up on the MOST boring episode of Koffee with Karan! I’m sure the second thumb was planted deliberately by the Gods to keep the man grounded and realize that even though the fairer sex deifies him, he can never afford to think he’s right up there, in their league.

With what has unfolded recently, it seems the man is imperfect in more ways than one. Divorcing your spouse no longer elicits surprise. It’s the done thing these days. But to ‘time’ your announcement such that it doesn’t affect your ‘good’ superhero image and instead benefits you by helping you gross unimaginable amounts of moolah but spells doom for your spouse days before she showcases her labor of love to the world makes you a HUUUGE Superzero!

For all the bravado he exudes on screen, the cat-eyed man is a scaredy cat to share the ‘heartbreaking’ news with his legions of fans holed up in an L.A. hotel room.

To insinuate that Suzanne called it quits because she enjoyed her RAMPs with a PAL is sick. Tu bhi toh BAARBAAR MORI jaaya karta tha πŸ˜› susu karne!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Case of pot calling the kettle black, eh? Lekin tab Suzanne ne teri patang (Kites) nahi kaati na? πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

The woman was grace personified at her newest store’s launch. No traces of resentment on her luminous face, no inflection of bitterness in her voice. With dignity, she pinned the blame for her divorce solely on herself and Hrithik even though a blazing row with her highly obnoxious, biased and interfering mother-in-law supposedly was the final nail in the coffin.

If your relationship is strong, no third person can penetrate your universe but if the foundation of your marriage is broken by repeated breaches of trust, no third party will ever succeed at saving it.

It’s a misnomer that a breakdown of trust usually arises from something as damning as engaging in an illicit affair. Anyone who’s suffered disillusionment in marriage will testify that tiny, seemingly harmless sparks are perfectly capable of reducing everything to ashes. A spouse is guilty of crucifying his relationship if he engages in any/all of the following:
1. concealing the truth from his partner,
2. lying through his teeth to save his hide,
3. stabbing his partner in the back,
4. maligning his partner’s name. Even worse, when he’s in cahoots with his folks who’d enjoy nothing less than seeing the marriage crumble.

I’m glad the more mature and level-headed of the two gets to rear lovely Hridhaan and Hrehaan and mould them so that they become the very antithesis of their father.
Splitting from an air-headed, frivolous man like HR will also do a ton of good to Anna’s self-esteem, not to mention how pretty 5000 crores will look sitting in her bank account! 😯

Really, this is one of those cases where one can safely conclude all’s well that ends well. Amen!