A cute little Teddy Bear

Ok, so who I’m gonna talk about wasn’t anybody famous until a few days ago. Yet, he turned into a celebrity overnight, when every single classmate of his turned out to be a no-show at his birthday party.

It rips my heart to see this sad-looking puppy stare dolefully at the camera. Surrounded by pizza, cake and drinks he was dying to share with those who comprise a huge chunk of his world right now.


The fact that he chose to spend his big day in the company of such (callous) classmates over a trip to either Disneyland or Legoland makes me reach for a box of tissues. Adding salt to injury is that this was his first-ever party on a grand scale, transcending the boundaries of home!😒

Party poopers…ughhh!!! πŸ˜–Β Ohhh, how well I know them!! Especially those who leave first-time celebrants with a bitter taste in their mouth!!!😠😠😠 Ohhhh and how IΒ abhor their breed with a vengeance that is shocking!!! 🀧🀧🀧🀧🀧

There are some that spoil a party with their dour presence, picking inconsequential topics to spark a fight, and then, there are others, who snub people’s invitations, and spoil a party by their absence. Displaying a complete lack of regard for the efforts, the love, the warmth, the time and the money one invests into making someone’s day special.

Both types of pricks never should get invited in the first place, but who can gauge who’s an a**hole and who’s not, until you’ve experienced the bitter truth for yourself. But, once they show you who they are, better believe them. And avoid them like the plague!πŸƒ

What would be foolhardy, is to let them into your space and offer them a second/third/fourth chance to be a part of your joys and celebrations after they’ve shown you their true colours. It’s akin to standing in front of a gunman just because he missed his aim the first time. Their uncouth behaviour the very first time should be nipped there and then. It completely justifes them from being banned from every single occasion in the future.

Ted’s mom, Sil, comes across as a wise woman. Although everyone’s dissing her for embarrassing her boy globally on social media, I actually laud her indomitable spirit. Sure, it must have hurt to see her son look so crestfallen but the woman didn’t mope about it. Instead, she hung on assidously to her hope that not everyone in the world is an unfulfilled, frustrated jerk, simply out to be a wet blanket! By sending Teddy’s pic to a local journo, she was not displaying her weakness by trying to gain sympathy, but was teaching her son to be strong and know that that there is a world beyond whom we hail as our world. And the world out there, crammed with strangers, is infinitely better than those you think you can count on…Friends, relatives, in-laws, siblings..hell even grandparents…they are likelier to do you in than the average stranger you cross paths with on the street.

It’s unfortunate that Teddy’s entire class is an insensitive bunch and he had to discover meanness that’s so intrinsic to the human soul at the tender age of 6. But, on the bright side, he’s become the darling of not just the www, but also the whole wide world, now that his story has gone viral. From wishes pouring in from around the globe to VVIP tickets to a Suns vs Lakers game 😱 to people across the States volunteering to throw him birthday dos, his sixth birthday has turned out wayyyyyyy better than he could have ever imagined! The proverbial silver lining to the dark cloud! πŸ€—



Stories like these just warm the cockles of my heart πŸ€— and reaffirm my faith in humanity. That you only need to battle the devils (known ones) surrounding you in your tiny world before you stumble across Angels (‘perfect’ strangers) in the vast universe beyond. Amen to that! πŸ™


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