Because kuch logon ko ‘Sharam Illa’不不不

Awwww the nation’s blue-eyed boy just turned two! And the lil dude’s partying hard in SA!


Papa Bear dropped a huge bomb on this happy occasion that his lil Teddy Bear soon will be UK-bound to escape the media’s prying eyes. And his paternal granny, who seemed to be hearing the news for the first time, was quick to laud her son’s decision.

And on the other hand, we commoners are saddled with the regular paternal grandparents who get mighty miffed if they don’t get to choose the color of the baby’s knickers!丹領儭

The Mangi ones are a notch ahead. 不不Ask any hapless Mangalorean bahu of her in-laws’ passive-aggressive ways.

To be the centre of attention, they’ll dream up hosting a momentous occasion in the grandchild’s life WITHOUT consulting even their son! And then aim for the jugular if he doesn’t toe in with their wishes! How dare he!!! All the while blowing vibes cooler than the Arctic!穿儭儭儭儭

Ashe karije, tashe karije ….不不不不Everyone and everything MUST revolve around them!

Taimur indeed has invaded a lovely and chilled family! A family where his parents get to take all major decisions on his behalf…because, well, as his parents, they’re entitled to do so!! 仄

A family where everyone is respectful and considerate and supportive of decisions made. Where no one throws a childish fit in public if he can’t have his way. And a liberal matriarch, who unlike her name, can’t be branded ‘Sharam Illa’ 不不不


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