Aiming for the Big ‘O’

I watched Barfi for the second time last night since I was feeling quite left out in my opinion of it. The buzz is that it’s the best movie to have happened to the Indian film industry, and even LA land has caught a whiff of the frenzied whispers- hence the Academy Award nomination.

Like everyone else, I liked Barfi. It’s a good film. Sooooo much better than the painfully stupid flicks B-Town’s been inflicting on us for the past few months. Backed by solid performances, especially that of Priyanka’s, this film is almost perfect. Note that I’ve written ALMOST.

The plot borrows heavily from so many classics we’ve come to adore and characters whose nuances are their trademark. Can Barfi pass off as an Indian adaptation? Not for me! With such blatant plagiarism, I would think twice before letting it transcend boundaries. Imagine the lawsuits flying in Mr. Basu’s face once the jury has seen everything they’ve seen and heard before! Oscar team Barfi ko TOSS KARnewala hai πŸ˜‰

ThisΒ brilliantly-compiled comparison by Sputnik should rile you up, in case you still feel like you’re blessed that Barfi’s released during your lifetime. πŸ˜‰

The Golden Lady ain’t coming home with this one! O(hhh)!!! Yessir, that’s the only ‘O’ Barfi’s gonna get! πŸ˜‰