SINcredible India!

MP ajab hai, sabse gazab hai….

Of course it is!!! Who knew a bunch of khajurs from the land of Khajuraho would choose to make this prophetic by sexually assaulting a Swiss visitor. 

Barely has the furore surrounding the Swiss gangrape died down, there are reports of a British national leaping from her second-floor room at a Lucknowi hotel and limping to the nearest police station in a grievous condition to report the attempted rape by the hotel’s manager and a staff member.

Post these dastardly acts, the makers of ‘Incredible India’ will certainly have to be on the ‘Talaash’ for Aamir for any future campaigns.

Advertisements mein kya dikha rahe the? Don’t make susu on the road, don’t fling kele ka chhilkas into people’s unsuspecting faces and stuff.
Instead, they should have educated us to strip off all preconceptions of them firangs being the “morally loose” kinds and of them being ” readily available” to satisfy our lust. And no! Wearing only a bra and a thong does not mean the woman wants you to gape or is sending you feelers to rape!

Atithidevo Bhava, by no stretch of imagination, can be construed to mean Atithirapo Hava(s).

BELOW: An exclamation mark can change the entire meaning of a word, and not always in a good way!