Murder 3- Topmost on my mind!

I’d like to Murder 3. Mahesh, Mukesh and the latest BHATThole, Vishesh! 😆

This family of directors and producers has been recycling global cinema for us for over a decade and the only thing ‘new’ about their ventures is the foot-tapping music they include …whose strains Pritam churaos from some obscure corner of the world …, 200/10 for plagiarism it is! 🙄

It really makes no difference if either of the H’s (Hooda or Hashmi) essays the part of the lead. It also makes no difference which leaden doll is roped in to provide the USP of the film- fullblown titillation. The end will always be too slick, too clever and too radical. That’s when that gong should sound loud and clear in your head. B-town will always be light years away from such earth-shattering climaxes! 😆

Do yourself a favor. Catch The Hidden Face instead. And then tell me if you don’t feel like kicking them butts…oops Bhatts! 😀

P.S. Just a few days ago Chacha Mahesh was singing praises of his nephew saying that Vishesh likes thinking out of the box. What the lad is is he’s one clever fox! 😆 He hasn’t even exercised a single grey cell to come up with a killer promotional poster. Check it out below. Tell me, when did cut-copy-paste become so ‘vishesh’ to be shamelessly lauded by our papers?