the great IN(dian) LAW(ter) challenge!

So, my dearest friend came over late last night to stuff her face with my birthday cake 😀 and her never-ending dukhdas kept me wide awake 😉

The WOEman’s just returned from a place worse than hell! Yup, you guessed it- Her sasuraal! 😆

To quote her, “It was easier enduring a 72-hour long labor than enduring 72 hours with the dreaded mo(ns)ther-in-law.” 😯

The normally scaredy-cat, egged on by me :razz:, transformed from kaayar to shaayar and her wit I could only admire 😀

A taste of some of her wisecracks:

” All prospective grooms should come with a placard around their necks. ‘Ek mard pe anek dard, MUFT, MUFT, MUFT!!!'” 😆

She happened to be at her creative best for there’s a crackling poem too:

2013-04-08 23_05_32-Henpecked sasur - Microsoft Word

ISE KEHTE HAIN SA(b)SU(va)RHELL!!” she finished. 😆 😆 😆

When the convulsive laughter died down, I realized that I too might have to tread on volatile landmines soon. As I pack my bags with trepidation :sad:, I can’t help but think a scathing backlash is on the cards. On my blog, of course!!!

We got to analyzing and citing examples and soon discovered that while there are a few that are blessed with IN-LUVS, a sizeable number of us dulhans have to make our peace with being labelled ‘DAUGHTERS-WITH-FLAWS’ 😀

The creative juices refused to ebb, so here’s another 100% original home-production 😆


Alvida folks. Will catch you on the other side of my ‘trip’- PUN INTENDED! 😆