Ajab Gazabb Love

Which is the one song that was MADE FOR Vashu and Jackkky Bhagnani????

Guess, guess…



Bolo, bolo…tell, tell 😉




OK, never mind. These two don’t deserve that much time and effort anyway 😉 BTW, here’s that song.

So anyway, I was watching the promos of Ajab Gazabb Love and was thinking that the title of the movie describes Vashu’s love for his son to the T. He truly is THE BEST DADDY EVER!

There’s not the tiniest pebble that he’s left unturned to ensure that his son breaks into the big league. The swankiest wheels, the drool-worthiest eye candy, the most opulent of sets, the chicest costumes, the glossiest production values, the most expensive promotional campaigns, all the bells and whistles imaginable!

Wowww! Jackkyyy was born with a golden spoon in his mouth- not just any ordinary golden spoon, though! In keeping with tradition, Papa Vashu must have gotten it encrusted with diamonds and God knows what else! 😉

Anyway, Jackky’s REAAALLLLYYYY lucky to have Vashu as his father and even luckier to have a producer dad. On second thoughts, this didn’t sound quite right, did it? 😉

Who in his right mind would blow up his hard-earned money on an actor who can emote slightly better than the couch in your living room? Which sane person would make movies knowing at the back of his mind that they’re destined to go BOOM BOOM BOOM? ;)No one else, I think, except Aditya Chopra! 😉 More on this bade bhayya’s pyaar later 😉

Just one thing that I have to say to Junior Bhagnani. “Jackky Bete, naam mein ‘k’s’ add karne se kaam nahi banta. Sabse bada K- ‘Kismat’, jab saath deti hai, tohi baat banti hai!” Waah, waah! Waah, waah! 😉