When silence is golden!

Jab We Met was hailed as a landmark movie in the last decade. Geet’s nonstop chattar-pattar in the first half of the movie really grated on my nerves but boy! What a second half! The languorous silence completely redeemed the film.

AkaashVani could well be the JWM of this decade. But what’s different is that it goes beyond being a frothy love story with a happy ending, something that happens with alarming frequency in the make-believe world of cinema. AV knows no ‘Happily Ever After’. Instead, it shoves the grim realities of life down your throat- that marriages might be ‘made in heaven’ but there’s a pretty good chance some might end up being ‘reARRANGED’ on earth to suit the families of the bride and groom rather than the couple themselves!

AV also touches on the disconcerting topic of marital rape, something most women might be too oblivious to, given that the pati is the parmeshwar and God can do no wrong, right? Or let them bastards get away with it kyunki pati ka hakk hai to F*@# and all that jazz… Or feel too ashamed to do anything about… Divorce is still the most dreaded ‘D’ word, beating even Death itself!

I loved the poignant silences between the star-crossed lovers- whether it’s when they want to make the grandest declarations of undying love but are rendered tongue-tied or when they reunite years later and have nothing to say to each other!

I loved how V bared her soul and sobbed every tear she’d held back during all the time she was trapped in her loveless sham-of-a-marriage. I loved how A followed suit and cried his eyes out, without once wondering if men looked uncool doing that. That scene said it all without a word even being uttered!

If 2012 gave us Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam, 2013 has been equally benevolent giving us Karthik Tiwari and Nushrat Bharucha. And for some reason, I can’t help thinking they’ve got it in them to be Gen Next’s SRK and Kajol!

A tragic love story, what I saw happening here was ‘Sachche Pyaar ka Punchnama’!