From Sisters-In-Law to Sistas-In-Luv

Mo(ns)thers-In-Law are passe. Regular primetime tutorials for close to two decades have served their purpose in empowering us hapless bahus to deal effectively with the dreaded species. Hail Ekta Kapoor! 😉

The other green-eyed monster to watch out for is the PISSter…oops…Sister-In-Law 😀 Closer in age to us starry-eyed brides but really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the SIL hitherto has been portrayed as the lesser of the two evils. In reality, she’s the perfect brand ambassador for Ship matchsticks, all too crucial in jalaaoing that first potent chingaari 😆

So, while this is the Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki 😛 the easy camaraderie shared between my dearest cousin and her sister-in-law came as a whiff of fresh air. Today’s the latter’s birthday and here’s the most heartfelt wish I’ve ever seen exchanged between women sharing a relationship that these two share. Read on:


I haven’t sought permission from either of the parties to reproduce this. But when you unshackle a relationship traditionally bound by law and suffuse it with loads of love and warmth, you can be sure you’ve earned my respect. You’re no less than a role-model for me and you deserve to be written about on my blog. Candy and Malaicca, you rock! And Happy Birthday MJ! 😀

Cheers to all the women who’ve done their bit to affix an endearing suffix to their relationships. And here’s to true sisterhood!