Davids and Goliath

Who would have thought Bejoy Nambiar’s unassuming David would turn out to be the biblical ‘David’, knocking the wind out of some heavyweight Goliaths like Race 2 and Inkaar? For me, it’s easily the best of 2013 so far! Bouquets coming from a kanjoos like me, you had better believe it! 😆

An ex-AD to Mani Ratnam, Nambiar’s second piece of work too will go down in the annals of B-Town’s history. David is tautly directed, brilliantly edited, superbly enacted, never failing to keep you at the very edge of your seat – I even slipped to the floor a couple of times 😆 That compelling a watch!

Only and only Nambiar’s triptych could brush the cobwebs off a few Algebra lessons long forgotten: A=B and B=C. Ergo, A=C! My husband thought the climax seemed a bit too contrived, but damn him! 😆 He didn’t like Shaitaan either! 😯

Way back in 2007, two multiple-story horrors (Honeymoon Travels and Salaam-E-Ishq)were unleashed on us back to back. Ever since, I’ve steered clear of the ‘ek pe dus stories free‘ kinda cinema 😛 and believe in the power of one single story well told. I’m so glad I let go of my unwavering policy for David 🙂

I suspect Nambiar relished his Sunday school lessons. So crucial is the parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’ to the plot/s, it really will help clear all the mystery shrouding the film. I won’t say more and complicate things further….Go give David a (sling)shot 😆