Breathtaking Brekkie!

They say feast on breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and search for the food on your dinner plate like a pauper! 😆

Clearly, breakfast seems to be the most important of the three meals but owing to the frenetic pace of my life, I tend to follow the advice in reverse! 😀 Time is one luxury I can’t afford and rustling up a different dish for breakfast morning after morning is easier said than done!

Just when I gave up on my chances of having a tasty and healthy breakfast, hope came in the form of ‘BREAKFAST ON THE GO’. A home-based business, the selection of breakfast choices is rather tempting! There’s everything from Burji Pav, an all-time favourite, to the rather exotic Choris Pav (Goan Sausages with Bread). You ideally are required to order a day in advance but the charming owner, Shikha, reportedly is patient with even the late-lateefs! 😀

I ordered an English breakfast and as Madhuri Dixit would say, I pronounce it to be PURRRRFECT! 😀 The eggs were done just right and the beans were tantalizing. Letting you choose between ham/ bacon/ sausages as an accompaniment seemed rather thoughtful. Oh! And before I forget! The grilled brown-bread slices added to the package made for a healthy, hearty and wholesome breakfast.

I ordered practically half of the menu. The Double Decker Ham and Mayo elicited a ‘Wow’ from my husband, so I’m guessing it must be really good! The Chicken and Mayo S/W was just as delightful. Again, made with brown bread, so you can indulge without a shred of guilt!

The kids tripped on super-yummy crepes dripping with heavenly Nutella spread. Always a winning combination! 😉 The waffles with their honey topping are too good for words! I’m sure the remaining half of the menu that I haven’t sampled already must be just as sumptuous!

A word about the packaging. I yet have to see restaurants in my area adopt a similar standard when making home deliveries. The plastic boxes were sturdy, neatly labelled, kept their contents well-insulated, and spoke volumes about the level of hygiene maintained.

I asked for my breakfast to be delivered at around eight on a Sunday. Knowing that weekends are a busy time for eateries, I was prepared for a ‘sincere’ apology at my order reaching me a few minutes late 😉 Hell, even the pizza guys sometimes can’t make it in half an hour and I’ve never sued! Little did I know that the affable gentleman delivering my order would be a stickler for perfection. The doorbell rang precisely on the dot of eight o’clock!!! He wished us a pleasant meal and by jove, he wasn’t kidding!

The cherry on the icing had to be the post-sales call I received from a very courteous owner, to inquire if I’d enjoyed my breakfast. Who does such a thing in this day and age??? An age where everyone seems to say ‘Paisa Dena aur Bhaad Mein Jaana’! 😆 Considering this is a letter of appreciation straight from the heart and not a gimmicky PR piece, I think I’m perfectly within my rights to go on and on with the gushing! 😀

If I really had to pick a nit, I’d have to say that vegetarians don’t have too much to choose from. But considering the demographics of the area in which this establishment operates, that’s hardly a surprise. I’m sure Shikha will, in due course, expand her menu to suit all palates.

It’s time you BREAK your FAST the healthy and more importantly, tasty way. Give these guys a call. Details below.

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